Saturday, February 19, 2011

Beware the Evil Snowman

I entered (and did not win) a short-short story contest sponsored by CBC Radio. They gave us an opening and ending line.

The snowman grinned malevolently.........and I was buried alive.

This is my entry:

The snowman grinned malevolently as I reached up above his slightly flattened head.  My finger tips barely reaching the edge of the box. I strained and stretched and moved the box forward a few centimeters at a time.  I promised myself aloud that this year, when I put the Christmas decorations away, I’d be kinder to myself and not shove then up high on shelf in my fruit cellar.
I grunted as I made another swipe at the box and glanced at the snowman. His little head was tipped to the side now with the corner of the box poking him where his ear would be if he had one. His smile seemed a little less jolly from this cockeyed angle.
I’d made pretty good progress when I swear, I saw the snowman wiggle his little twig arm, the arm that was supporting the edge of the box, just before the box overturned and all the plush Santas, reindeers, and dancing Christmas trees fell over me and I was buried alive