Sunday, May 6, 2018

My story is in a book A BOOK! A book that is for SALE on Amazon.

Check it out! There are some awesome stories in here. The world is full of fun and laughter but sometimes you have to seek it out. Do that. It's good for you and those around. Happy is contagious.

I am thrilled to be one of these 40 funny women.

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Friday, April 6, 2018

I was in a craft sale a while back.  It was a fundraiser for the Grand Philharmonic Choir, the 5th annual so I figured it would be pretty busy.  I was very wrong.  We had perhaps 30 customers.  The parents of the little choir singers and the teen singers came to drop off their kids but they didn't shop.

I sold 6 cards in total and 5 of those were to my sister-in-law who insisted upon paying me and one to another vendor. So, the table rental cost me $50, I sold $25 worth of cards and I bought 2 books at $15 each (autographed by the author). 

Not a good day financially.

Not being busy gave me lots of time to think about these sales, this is only my second and I have one more booked.  If I get the same results, I will quit craft sales. But in the meantime, I'm going to do the best job I can.

First I need better signage, signs that tell people THESE CARDS ARE HILARIOUS!

Ashley told me and I think she'd s right, that I need to engage people (being nice to strangers - ick!) and just say hi and make small talk.

The lady who was behind me and selling Tupperware was very friendly but also didn't sell anything.

I heard that people liked my business name and they like Mrs. Treefarts herself.

I had a 6-foot table and that's not big enough to also sell Dad's stuff.  8 feet would do that.

The place stayed DEAD all day, what a waste of time and money.

Maybe this needs to be a wholesale business. I should do some research into how I make that happen.

I have about a dozen stories "out there" now, hoping they will be adopted by someone with superb taste. I've written a short bio to go with my stories and essays.

Sharon Gerger is an award-winning writer with work published in New Yorker, Glimmer Train, Harpe…okay, that’s all balderdash.  She writes a lot and sometimes people publish her work and that fills her with bliss.  If they happen to pay her; well, good-gosh-galoshes, she gets sorta delirious.

Here's hoping I get some good galoshes!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018 published another of my stories.  I LOVE this website.  Some truly hilarious writers out there! 
Here's my contribution:

The name game

I thought I had it all – a great husband, two terrific kids, a dog who doesn’t chew the furniture, cats that do. What more could a woman want?
Then I went out to lunch with a friend. During the course of the meal, the subject of family came up and she mentioned that she and her husband had been invited out to Summerhill for the weekend. I’d not heard of any towns by the name of Summerhill and queried her as to the location. She laughingly explained to silly old me that Summerhill was not a town, but rather the name of her sister’s home.
Her sister’s house has a name.
I’ve had the dog for two years and still haven`t gotten around to naming him.
I seldom call my kids by the names I so lovingly gave them at birth because I forget which kid I gave which name. I think I have convinced them that their names are Shawn Kevin and Kevin Shawn and that sometimes I just choose to call them by their middle name.
Everyone we know calls my husband by a nickname he picked up in high school. For the life of me, I can`t remember the name I called him the day I said, “I, Sharon, take you…”   Surely I didn`t say “Snooter.”
My friend`s sister apparently not only knows her husband’s name, she also knows her house’s name!
I am ashamed. I`m going to give the dog a name, but more importantly, I`m giving my house a name. No longer will we simply be a number on a street.
I wonder though, will I have to put a sign on the front lawn to make it easier for the letter carrier to deliver mail to my family?
Does my house have to have a last name?  Is there some government office where one send a cheque to register the house`s name?
I`m giving a party next week and you`re all invited. It`s a gathering to celebrate the naming of my house. It`s a potluck and bring-your-own-beverages affair.
So please load up the car with your kids and come on out to Bert.
No wait, I`ll never remember Bert. I`ll have to come up with something easier to remember. I have a better idea and I`ll never forget where I live. I shall name my house Yale, that’s the name on the key.
Sorry, that won’t work. My car key says Yale too. If I happened to have to run out to get mustard as the guests were arriving, you might all think it was a mobile party and follow me through the city. You certainly wouldn’t consider yourself very pot-lucky if the only thing you had to eat was what you brought to Yale.
No, we’ll have to stick with Bert.
Actually, that name could be a problem; I think one of my cats is named is Bart. You might think we were dining with the cat and nobody likes cat hair in their food.
I`m afraid we’ll have to cancel the party until I think up a better name.
I’ll call you.
Just as soon as I remember your name.
– Sharon Gerger
Sharon Gerger is an award-winning writer with work published in New Yorker, Glimmer Train, Harpe…okay, that’s all balderdash.  She writes a lot and sometimes people publish her work and that fills her with bliss.  If they happen to pay her; well, good-gosh-galoshes, she gets sorta delirious.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Creatively, December 2017 has been a good month for me.

I sold eight cards from my Etsy Shop.

I found out one of my short stories is going to be published in a book AND they are going to pay me! Here is the announcement:

I had one of my essays published on the website. You can read it here: 

I had one of my essays published in Woman's World, both the online version on Dec 18th and the print version dated Dec 25/17 AND they are going to pay me! Here's the story:

I learned I was a finalist in a WOW-Women on Writing essay contest. I know now, I have not placed in the top three as their website states they have sent letters to the top three looking for a photo and more information and I didn't get one of those letters :-(
There are some great stories and essays on this website, you should check it out.

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

A new business idea

I saw a button business at the Holiday Sale I was in on the weekend.  I've been thinking I should go into this business.  My eldest son said this to me recently while we were chatting and I think  it would make a great button:

"Mom! I can hear you farting, you're hard of hearing, I am not!"

He doesn't think people would wear this button

I'll have to think some more.