Monday, December 31, 2012

Yesterday morning, I answered the phone and a lady from Toronto introduced herself.  She'd read and enjoyed my elevator story in the Globe and Mail  She herself had been stuck in an elevator and remained calm (so unlike me) and did all the right things.

She was telling her friend, John Bergen in Kitchener about her adventure and about my story and, small world, he knew me. My eldest son, Shawn was good friends with his son Greg all though grade school. Shawn is twenty-six now so it's been a while since they've seen each other. John remembered me and he tracked down a phone number for my "fan".

BTW, John owns City Cafe Bakery in Kitchener, a very cool place to buy your baked goods.  Absolutely delicious, seriously delicious breads, pizza and brownies and he trusts his clients to pay him as evidenced by a bus fare collection gizmo he keeps on the counter to collect the money (cash only and if you need change, just ask the staff behind the counter).  Check it out, at the corner of Victoria and West Ave in Kitchener. I think he might have other locations now it.

(As this is my second fan call in four short years, Shawn has volunteered to be my fan club manager. For a fee.)

Sesame bagels

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