Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Picture It!

I'm very excited.

We celebrated my birthday on Saturday. Jim and the boys and their broads took me to dinner at Swiss Chalet, my favourite restaurant. Yes, I'm a cheap date.

I got a Canon Rebel T3 DSLR for my birthday. I have been wanting a DSLR camera since my sister got one a couple of years ago.She takes hundreds of pictures every week. 99.9% of those are of her adorable kids.  My kids are grown and refuse to stand still to let me take a picture of them so I am more interested in artsy fartsy photography and you really can't do much of that with a point and shoot camera.

It came with two lenses and a camera bag and a memory card. I just finished taking five on-line classes so that I can use it in a mode other than auto. What's the point of having a DSLR if you aren't going to use manual settings and mess around?

It's late at night but I had fun learning about aperture, shutter speed, ISO, metering and white balance. I understand it tonight but will I still get it in the morning?

It was hard to practice all of the new things I learned in the kitchen at night, I think I would see the results better with natural daylight streaming in the windows. I want to test it out in the morning.

I want to link to the BLOG where I took my camera classes.  She is a fabulous teacher!  If you have a DSLR and want to learn about it what it can do, have a look at her BLOG:

I don't think that I have ever added photos to my BLOG and not sure I have a clue how to do that.  I'll give it a try and see if I can show you some of my homework pictures.

These two pictures demonstrate what I learned about aperture. The first one was taken at F5.6 and the second at F36.  I love the blurry background of the first one. Kevin and Ashley got me the flowers for my birthday.

Well that's enough for tonight, I'm off to play Words with Friends for a little while then to bed.

Take care of yourself and remember, you are enough!  I'll explain that in my next BLOG, it's an idea I stole from my niece, Amie.

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