Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Room of My Own

Shawn finally moved his bed out of his old bedroom and I took the room over. I put a computer and desk and shelves and a filing cabinet and printer in there.

Here actually. I am sitting in here now just loving this room. I hung all of my published stories up and some of my art work and it feels like my room now. I still have art to hang and stuff to put away and organize but I am progressing well.

I am moving my Lladro figures in here so I can look at how beautiful they are. Jim and I bought them when we were in Spain a thousand years ago.

I went to dinner at my friend Lynda's home last week and she was telling me about an amazing organization called Evergreeners.  It's a network of people who provide a bed and breakfast to travelers. The cost is ridiculously low, $15 per couple gets you a bed and breakfast the next morning. You offer the same to anyone who wants to stay at your place for a night or two while they travel.

Here is the link in case it's something appeals to you. Oh, you have to be over 50 to join.  Ah, the perks of antiquity!

Anyway, it gave me an ideas for a story which I am currently writing. Well I was until I took a break to post this blog. 

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