Sunday, April 7, 2013

Went our yesterday and replaced my missing cache. If you haven't tried Geocaching yet, get off your butt and go.  It is so much fun!  Here is a link to the site. Everything you need to know to play is here:

I have placed 2 caches, one in Marsland Park and one in Rim park in Waterloo, Ontario. They've been found and re-hidden a bunch of times..dozens in the year since I placed them.

I took my camera with me as my sister and I have a photography challenge each week or so and I wanted to get some shots in for this weeks landscape challenge.She created a new blog for our challenge. You can find it here:

We would both love to hear what you think

Here are some of my favourites from yesterdays shoot:

Duck (female Mallard, I think)

Canada Goose

Man on a bridge

Red Twigs and a Blurry Creek

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